Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Um the picture which should of gone with last blog and can't add it on so here it is

The title says it all really ha ha x

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A quick hello

I haven't blogged for a while just been really busy, so just a quick one. Whilst waiting for my tumble dryer to be delivered, how I am looking forward to soft fluffy towels again . So it was a quick visit to the gym this morning then on way home to wait for delivery (hate waiting) I popped in charity shop and picked up these love red at Christmas so will find a place for him thought he was rather cute will look like his ass is on fire maybe thou when tea light goes in hmm ,also this making magazine only 75p also has first column with cherry menlove in who I found through other blogs and love reading so was quite happy still read lots of your blogs but on my phone so can't always comment hopefully will blog again before Christmas if not happy Christmas everyone xxx

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

lets eat cake oh and a bit of knitting

                                                knitting the top one was lazy just doing one colour
                                                           fruit soaking in brandy smells lush hate the taste
                                                   tea and cake new pot ,tin and cup
I am quite pleased with my knitting at the moment i am knitting a cardigan for my soon to be born great nephew think that's correct ? i have done the sides and just starting the back its a slow progress but find it a lot  easier then crochet , my casting on is a bit tight need to loosen up the needles squeak not good have dropped a few stitches etc but with the help of teach at knitting club i am getting there have put a little pic of it so far, Tomorrow i am making my Xmas cake nigella recipe i don't like it other half loves it its a joint effort i make the cake we both ice it last two years didn't go quite right year one we used the wrong icing you try making snow peaks with normal icing oops last year got the royal icing but told john 750g of water not 75g yep quick run to tesco and start again this year hoping all goes OK will post pic if it does , talking of cake had to post pic of the cake my daughter made part of her gcse taste lush perfect with a cup of tea in my new cup which is so me, the other pic shows my new  coffee pot (using it as tea pot ) bought cup and pot at kilver court outlet and my other purchase Emma Bridgewater tin from charity shop at the moment to tunnock bars in side all mine yummmm ! off now to knit and eat cake next blog will be visit to salcombe and my morning in prison all in one day ?? ahaa .

Sunday, 6 November 2011

love a good wedding

how nice a setting for a registry office
the happy couple

my mummy sister and i , i borrowed the cardigan from a friend and had no idea it moulted so much all over the car oops evertime i hugged someone i fluffed them up.dress from yumi

my sister mummy and charlotte my little gal
  I haven't been to a wedding for ages and when my sister said my nephew was getting married  i was so excited  but this was not a big ott normal wedding ,nope we had one months notice and the bride would be 8 months pregnant ahhh , They have been through lots to get where they are and so happy they are so young the sweet thing is my sister can remember the bride when she was small even thou they didn't really know her ,anyway week of the wedding and on Wednesday i get message not sure what will come first baby or wedding been in hospital etc but luckily it all settled down and we got to Saturday OK the weather was absolutely gorgeous couldn't ask for better really it was just a small wedding mainly friends and close family  the bride looked blooming really blooming her words were not quite the same it was a registry office so  quite a quick do and the sweetest moment was the best man crying ,  the reception was at in the officers mess at my brother in laws army barracks so we were well looked after the cake was yummy ! This was a few weeks ago just haven't had much spare time i wanted to blog about this as i remember my nephew being born and was quite emotional now seeing him get married and to be a dad , oh and it makes me feel so bloody old . here's a few pics of the day

Friday, 14 October 2011


                                      proudly with there medals
                                           charlotte and john
                                                Dr Foxs tearoom
                                                    a snowy scene on the hottest day in october


Haven't blogged properly all been on much so just getting back into it have looked at some on phone and that's all , We went away a few weeks ago for my boyfriends European tug of war championships , I have mentioned this before and i am pretty proud of him as he representing England in a sport ,OK its not your common sport but still representing they did try to get it back in the Olympics which would have been pretty big .For the championships we did make all the local  TV news and lovely pic in the western daily press local biggish paper and we came home with  a silver  medal yay  all the dieting ,training is finished until  Feb and will all start again then  for now i am feeding him up. which moves me swiftly on to our first cream tea in nearby seaside town Weston-super -mare visiting family we stopped in Dr Fox's tea room delicious i am sure some one on here has mentioned it but not sure anyway if you go to Weston go there for one lovely setting old building been done up beautifully the only problem was as it was the hot weekend we were inside and after my tea i was having a hot sweat  from the tea and the heat not very glam at all . will leave you with a few pics  , 

I almost forgot  we were staying in and the championships were held in butlins  ,which was suitable for the event to be held in size wise but not really my sort of place at all (actually pretty awful) thats why the fair ride pics which i took wouldnt catch me up there charlotte made john go on and he hates heights 

the snowy picture is the hot sunday beginning of october a place called rookery manor there was some filming done there a few weeks back and it was done up so unreal, dressed all sunmmery leaving the beach and then driving by that  actually felt chilly just looking at it .

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Quiet day at work

I haven't blogged for a while , haven't had time so sat at work now (it's raining ) so no golfers thought would do a quick blog I will blog about my time away soon but for now it's about a book i have just started its called the slap I read a brief review on it and saw it in charity shop so picked it up I'm quite inpatient and want to know all straight away , so has any one read it and is worth the 400 or so pages I do hope so , my crochet is on hold as the lady who teaches me is very poorly so won't be doing it ,one of the others has took over but as all knitters and were changing things. Slightly I'm knitting now practiced last week and start first project Monday. Cant wait will post pics as I go enjoying the clickity clack of kneedles .

Tomorrow going to do bit more Xmas shopping and look for a dress to wear to wedding love shopping buy being short not easy finding things to fit so will probably drive my self and the other half mad . That's all for now better do some work.

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Friday, 9 September 2011

long time no blog

 the I'm going picture followed by her first school pics we moved shortly after starting school hence the different uniforms and the grimacing last year at school sob sob
I  haven't blogged for a while i have been reading but computers have been playing up so haven't had the patience with them , its been a funny summer holiday after reading what a lot of you with small children do its completely changed for me i have had 3 teenagers off  and on and give me small kids any day oh my how hard work my daughter is gorgeous and lovely but she has this horrible teenager presence about her always late, back chats and that's the mild part i borrowed this book from the library called 3 kids 2 parents 1 hell of a bumpy road   and maybe slightly worse then mine but i am reading it agreeing to lots she is anonymous and wrote this section in the guardian and put them into a book. so if you want to see how your children will grow up read it as honestly there are parts in it which is mine to t. Now the  sad part is she has now gone back to school for the last time its her final year i tried to get a pic wasn't really up for it so its a hurry up right I'm going with a big flounce I'm goinggggg  byeee  also girls are worse then boys bitching really untidy sometimes her room looks like she has been burgled takes my clothes makeup etc an soo embarrassing if i speak to her friends especially the boys for example couple years ago she asked whats a milf i ask her why? because the boys says you are one arghhhh ! ,she never wants days out with us we were in Daventry last week for tug of war i invite her when say she has to be up early uuhhh noo  thanks I'm told they grow out of this in about 3 years time ahhhhhhhh!  Sorry about this post but really had to let it out and i do love her loads and is still my baby but don't say i haven't warned you .

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A quick catch up

Like many of you summer holidays are a total new routine , even thou my daughter is a teenager and don't see her much Only when she needs money etc she has just come back from a week in Tunisia with a friend and her family and she loved it and didn't Miss me sob , then we had her brother over night confused ha. Yes i look after my exs little boy he is 6 and lovely we all get on fine (most of the time) he loves staying with Charlotte we went blackberry picking with friends which was nice luckily no fields we went through had big animals in not a lover of walking through cows or horses .

This week I have there dog Harry for a week as there in Singapore he is lush he has few problems he is deaf and liver and skull problem and can have fits luckily i have not witnessed this yet nut he gets on really well with my dog so it's a doggy sleepover .

The highlight of this week was crochet club turn up Monday night And two newbies one argintinaian lady who does holistic massage think that's right and the other a MAN yes a real one he is young married and seems really nice very interesting as he. Wood turns and makes his own hooks all different wood really clever he can sew,crochet,woodturn he crotchet a whole square in an hour hmm show off he has four children the youngest two are disabled with undiagnosed genetic problems they can have a turn in 20 mins and have to call the air ambulance or ambulance he does not work as has to be nearby at all times how sad so he crochets as spends so much time at hospital. How lovely is that .

To finish my update we had tug of war at cranleigh show at the weekend and this was my favourite picture plus had to take this for gem over at cherry tree


Off to Bedford this weekend for tug of war uk championships so busy weekend as also daughters 15th birthday and she is meant to be going to London on bus with friend to stay with her auntie lou not sure thou with riots on she may not be going its all so sad I Am proud to be British but it's so horrid seeing all this go on the pictures can not comprehend how scary it would be to be nearby .

Thursday, 28 July 2011

child free week

I'm  having  a very quiet week my daughter has gone on holiday to Tunisia with a friend and family i am sort of enjoying it but its so quiet  , but also I'm  ,calmer no arguments , have more money , less washing, , calmer oh i have already said that  , no really  i  am used to her being away as she goes away with  herstep mum alot but this is different its a friend abroad , i was doing all the usual neurotic mother things giving all things medical to take telling her to watch bag, money etc sun lotion .I guess most of all is trust and hope i have bought her up pretty sensible but will be having fun .

At the weekend we had a new shopping outlet open called kilver designer emporium its set in some beautiful gardens so was a lovely morning out saw loads i would have liked but bought a top from aubin and wills and a cup from emma bridgewater which was only there for the weekend shame ,  other shops are cabbages and roses ,toast pedlar  and isabella oliver  and more i have forgot plus popped into mulberry drooled over the bags ha ha  oh and as a designer there was security everywhere ended up getting told off for going in wrong door in garden he thought we were sneeking in without paying (we were just lost ) and then some snobby lady i over heard in posh voice oh whats upstairs oh emma bridgewater oh thats sooo boring !  how dare she tssk. the pics on here are the gardens which are lush  oh and my new mug

crochet update its getting better and love doing it when i get time and as seen on other blogs friends etc have no interest or get called granny etc  but really dont worry and love my crochet /knitting club they are a fun bunch one lady is hilarious were sat there and she is a busty lady and was telling us about there fabulous bras you can get for the bigger bust and then whips up her top and shows us was not expecting that the little wool shop i use has a craft day this saturday sadly im working they have allsorts going on knitting ,crochet,spinning and lots more they have these lovely embroidered banners out which they got in america  will try and get pic as they are gorgeous .

Monday, 18 July 2011

crochet is back on

I haven't crotchet for 2 weeks as my teach (that's what we call her) had changed me to right handed and really tried but could not do it couldn't make my class last week as had to work so have not touched i was slightly frustrated with it so put it away but now I'm back as a leftie yay!.I'm getting there slowly so expect my first TA DAH! this time next year ha ha actually by then it will be dundadadun dadaahhhhh ta dahhhh !.        Through cuckoo mentioning pinterest a while back i had a nosey at what it was a while back and just set mine up now haven't done a lot yet but loving the pictures time flies i try to only go on the computer at nights as can waste so much time like we all do on here going from one thing to another but do use my iphone alot for facebook ,twitter,ebay and now pinterest  ok that's why i don't need computer really in day time feels like confession time on here

Monday, 11 July 2011

silly names and new shops

I had to work until 7 today meaning i couldn't go to my crochet class (not happy) as cannot do it right handed so need to go back to left and feel i am getting nowhere so bit disheartened with it at the moment ,anyway i was reading country living at work when i saw my favourite place name now i have a thing for funny sounding places and this is the best nempnet thrubwell i say it out loud loads when go by the sign my bloke thinks I'm mad or any funny one a few of my favourites around here are friggle street and a rude one annally road (OK i don't think its how it looks but i cant help it )there is a whole article on place names so I'm not so odd there are many i have seen and cant remember please tell me any that make you chuckle or are just great to say

One little bit of exciting new for where i live is there is a textile mill where babycham was once made near the mulberry shop all owned by roger saul he is opening up a discount designer empirioum with brands such as cabbages and roses,made in heaven jeans, Emma bridgewater, toast, orla kiely and Fred perry and more and there is a grand opening sale in few weeks with up to 80% off i soo cant wait  i actually felt sick with ecitement when read it as totally no idea it was going there i do hope it will be as good as it sounds eeeek!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meet Herman

Remember the friendship cake I had well I cooked him last night not sure if he was alive or dead but he turned out ok j said he tasted ok bit dry but I didn't put enough fruit I don't think I haven't been brae enough to try it oops but this is what he looks like

Herman from Somerset

Monday, 4 July 2011

I soo want this

Quick pop into Bristol Sunday , had some Jane Norman vouchers to get rid of ,easier said then done first could not use them on sale goods and however much in vouchers had to spend in cash as well as they are in administration grr!. Ended up buying handbag for daughter as couldn't find Anything so she is happy , but what made my day a COOKER I so need a new one mine is awful old and cheap this was heaven as would love a range and this is a near as I can get for size etc,John and I agreed we both loved it small problem affording now but it will be mine , but as small token to cheer me up went to the cath kidston store on park street and bought craft bag for crochet in sale love it so much stuff in there it was heaven, crochet dilemma now the teacher has changed me to right handed so back to beginning for me not. Sure if this will work but trying

The cooker !!!!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

oh i do like to be beside the seaside

Last weekend i went to work as normal on saturday when john my other half rings and says when i pick you up , you have 15 mins when you get in to pack as going away for the night ,gulp! 15 mins he was having a laugh oh no , no shower chucked stuff in bag gone ,we were going to paignton i love the british coast dont care where really just love it stayed in b&b very faulty towers i always think and very friendly so far , we had lovely walk along beach when got there and chips of course rude not to. On the sunday caught ferry into torquay which was lovely looked round the little shops had a cream tea and just enjoyed the sunshine and people watching they call it the english riveria and it felt great , the ferry back was choppy as unbelievably it was overcast the whole time in paignton whilst the rest of the country enjoyed heatwave we went to the only place it wasnt we drove down to totnes then home next time we are going to salcombe as told very nice cant wait , really you cant beat the british seaside love it , my pics won't upload will add later

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

crochet and a cake called herman

Have not blogged for ages have not had time , so here i am and going to show a little of my crochet ,its only a practice piece so the colours are a bit odd ,soon I'm going to start a blanket for my daughter as she wants me to crochet her one ,I've only been to 2 classes so not doing to bad as left handed that's my excuse anyway ha ! one of my problems is counting into each hole as I'm so carried away i do to many then have to undo or my teach does she is very patient as cack handed that's what they call me , please comment on what you see good or bad as all helps . the other thing that i have had this week is a friendship cake called Herman he is a sour dough cake who i have to stir so many days when he bubbles and feed him with the ingredients off the recipe that came with him but i think as we went away the weekend he may have died I'm going to continue and will see in 3-4 days time the outcome I'm meant to pass some on ,I'm rubbish at keeping things alive i killed my orchid which was a present within weeks i looked after a hamster years ago went round to feed it and as there flat was so cold he had froze to death i felt so awful i cried loads did find out few weeks later i was pregnant so hormones and dying hamster didn't go well.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

WEEKEND AWAY tug of war

I have had a hectic but fun weekend away in lincoln my other half does tug of war ( yes i thought it was fat men at fetes )oh no so serious he represents for England we went to south africa last year which was amazing the year before he was in taiwan at the world  games this year  they were competing for the european champoinships in  minehead not so glam , so the nationals were in lincoln so we had a long old drive and as they starved and been in sauna for 4 hours befor you can imagine not happy as when we get there they still couldnt get there 640 team in so off they run and sauna again the teams ages range from 20-66 so tempers do fray, so  the girlies go for drinkies whilst this is all happening rude not to i say and was lovely i love staying in hotels we dont choose the hotel but it was lovely and the shower was huge yes im inpressed easily  so damons motels gets the thumbs up from me  ,On the saturday they pull and win so Felton eccles in somerset will represent for England i am quite proud as this takes up our summer travelling to Daventry ,manchester,sandhurst to name a few every sunday so we dont always get much time together at weekend i work sarturdays boo! we do all the us time thing in winter you try finding cream teas in winter not always easy as we love them and we hunt them out yummmy  

 ps the pictures are of the team pulloing the other is the father of the front man who pulled many years ago and is lovely and i just love the picture

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Just over a month ago i got told about this zumba class, i had heard of it and me and my friend thought we would go as part of our fitness madness thing we have going on,  Oh my goodness love love love it considering i have no dance coordination  yes i do end up going the wrong way legs arms not quite going where they should but not the only one so its ok, i only actually know two of the songs shakira and greek dance where your in a circle ohh i cant remember the name the rest never heard of but love them so catchy and i feel for that one hour like shakira ( i wish ) ha shaking my booty and every other bit of me  .So saying this ever so slightly chuffed have added one of the songs we do this is not  us ok just you tube and dance is similar to ours they all adapt .

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mid week round up

I'm having one of those weeks where I'm rushing Around as going away the weekend and I start to panic ! Getting the dog sorted for kennels i hate saying goodbye to him , he always seems happy but i get the guilt trip .Daughter will be at her dads revising hopefully ?? Mm will see and house has to be clean don't ask why but love it clean and tidy for when come back then clean again ?? Packing I take way way to much ( i pack for all weather and situations and I always say just in case if questioned why ) This is all for 2 nights in lincoln where I will be in a field watching tug of war will post about this later plus the d has had physio,dentist and injection this week so today I had a pedicure which was lovely pic not that great but looks and feels lovely . Sorry it's a ramble first proper blog oh almost forgot went to my
First crochet class yes i was youngest there but I can do do a treble oh yes .

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

bubble and life: HELP

bubble and life: HELP: "ok i am really new to this and struggling a little to do a few things 1, not sure if any one can see this even though it says its published ,..."

Monday, 16 May 2011

my first blog

my first blog where do i start!  why am i doing this ? sort of diary and i enjoy reading different blogs so maybe someone out there will enjoy mine  .my blog will be about my family what i enjoy ,guilty pleasures and stuff in general the blogs i read are usually about fashion love vintage ,bargains love ebay ,charity shops vintage shops and throw in a bit of vintage home and modern and  ikea random i know ,what i enjoy doing running ,zumba, reading, cafes and people watching all these things and more i will blog about