Tuesday, 21 June 2011

WEEKEND AWAY tug of war

I have had a hectic but fun weekend away in lincoln my other half does tug of war ( yes i thought it was fat men at fetes )oh no so serious he represents for England we went to south africa last year which was amazing the year before he was in taiwan at the world  games this year  they were competing for the european champoinships in  minehead not so glam , so the nationals were in lincoln so we had a long old drive and as they starved and been in sauna for 4 hours befor you can imagine not happy as when we get there they still couldnt get there 640 team in so off they run and sauna again the teams ages range from 20-66 so tempers do fray, so  the girlies go for drinkies whilst this is all happening rude not to i say and was lovely i love staying in hotels we dont choose the hotel but it was lovely and the shower was huge yes im inpressed easily  so damons motels gets the thumbs up from me  ,On the saturday they pull and win so Felton eccles in somerset will represent for England i am quite proud as this takes up our summer travelling to Daventry ,manchester,sandhurst to name a few every sunday so we dont always get much time together at weekend i work sarturdays boo! we do all the us time thing in winter you try finding cream teas in winter not always easy as we love them and we hunt them out yummmy  

 ps the pictures are of the team pulloing the other is the father of the front man who pulled many years ago and is lovely and i just love the picture


  1. ere! Lush seeing you briefly on Sunday! i've popped your blog in my side bar x x x

  2. yes lush seeing you to ,your looking flipping gorgeous i was a bit ahhh !and thankyou for popping me on your sidebar your on mine to xx

  3. Ere Doll, I wouldn't have found your comment to me if I hadn't popped over to pass on an award to you (see my post today) best if you leave replies over at my blog. Otherwise I wont know you've left me a message.

    Such a shame I was in a hurry to get to the supermarket as it would have been lovely to have had a proper catch up. I needed nappies!

    Bee and I sometimes meet at the Thatched Cottage in the evening. Shall we try to get us all together?


  4. Hi Sarah, thanks for following my blog. The tug-of-war looks fun, I didn't realise it was such a big thing either. You must be proud of your partner representing England. Love the idea of bubble meaning daydreaming, I think I will have to adopt that one! Hx

  5. I've had a massive Facebook cull. So I'll keep in touch with you here xxx