Monday, 17 September 2012


 these are all minutes after he was born

I am a terrible blogger , i love reading them and have all good intentions of doing so then never get round to it so i am going to try again , so since i last blogged ummm February whats happened in my life SETH that's who my beautiful little boy seth philip james  who i had on the 7th august ,I am totally besotted and knackered he is 6 weeks now and I'm feeding him and he loves it so much he wants it all the time well that's how it feels otherwise he is brilliant i love the faces he makes ,could watch him all day  i have taken so many pics so will share a few and will try and blog more ....

Monday, 13 February 2012

Knitting and memories

Since I have started knitting now doing the sleeves of my first project has made me think about when I first tried knitting as a little girl .My mum is a big knitter always remember her knitting only evenings back them thou and Sunday mornings was always baking morning which I loved licking the spoon still do or when my sister was there spoon each and fight for the mixture , back to the knitting mum would be watching the tv and click clacking away and I use to watch the speed and loved the noise I would sit with just needles tapping then the same way pretending , I knitted a scarf and booties with a lot of help but mum knitted mountains of items for all her children and grandchildren and now great grandchildren all my Sindy and dolls clothes bless since her accident she has been put on hold and is soon going to Start again she can't wait thou se won't knit dark colours now as her eyes hurt doing it she says here are some of the toys she knitted my daughter they are on the bed at her house we like to keep them there So we can see them as space etc they would be packed away here .

He did have proper Wellies once not sure where they are ?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Goodbye January

I haven't blogged for ages i seem to start all my blogs with that well hopefully soon i will blog more, the last six weeks have been blahh really,first my mum broke her wrist and smashed it up pretty bad and had to have plate and pins put in so spent run up to christmas in hospital and staying with me operations and all that not easy when you use a stick makes life very hard also the accident shouldn't of happened if the car park was not blocked off long story which gets very PC, good news is she is getting better slowly . I have been up and down but hopefully February will be better and will have better news to share , also i haven't knitted for over a month until this Monday just gone still plodding on with the baby cardi which now no longer fits the baby and has now turned into a family joke , but just two arms to go and will be sewing up yay! i do read all your blogs on my phone so cant always comment , message to cuckoo and busy bee i see your meeting up in shepton tomorrow if the wincanton races are not cancelled and i don't have to work i don't want to interrupt your catch up but would be really nice to meet you somewhere for half hour to say hi maybe ? also to say there is a new sewing cafe place opened up in the town two shops down from the natwest bank xx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Um the picture which should of gone with last blog and can't add it on so here it is

The title says it all really ha ha x

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A quick hello

I haven't blogged for a while just been really busy, so just a quick one. Whilst waiting for my tumble dryer to be delivered, how I am looking forward to soft fluffy towels again . So it was a quick visit to the gym this morning then on way home to wait for delivery (hate waiting) I popped in charity shop and picked up these love red at Christmas so will find a place for him thought he was rather cute will look like his ass is on fire maybe thou when tea light goes in hmm ,also this making magazine only 75p also has first column with cherry menlove in who I found through other blogs and love reading so was quite happy still read lots of your blogs but on my phone so can't always comment hopefully will blog again before Christmas if not happy Christmas everyone xxx

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

lets eat cake oh and a bit of knitting

                                                knitting the top one was lazy just doing one colour
                                                           fruit soaking in brandy smells lush hate the taste
                                                   tea and cake new pot ,tin and cup
I am quite pleased with my knitting at the moment i am knitting a cardigan for my soon to be born great nephew think that's correct ? i have done the sides and just starting the back its a slow progress but find it a lot  easier then crochet , my casting on is a bit tight need to loosen up the needles squeak not good have dropped a few stitches etc but with the help of teach at knitting club i am getting there have put a little pic of it so far, Tomorrow i am making my Xmas cake nigella recipe i don't like it other half loves it its a joint effort i make the cake we both ice it last two years didn't go quite right year one we used the wrong icing you try making snow peaks with normal icing oops last year got the royal icing but told john 750g of water not 75g yep quick run to tesco and start again this year hoping all goes OK will post pic if it does , talking of cake had to post pic of the cake my daughter made part of her gcse taste lush perfect with a cup of tea in my new cup which is so me, the other pic shows my new  coffee pot (using it as tea pot ) bought cup and pot at kilver court outlet and my other purchase Emma Bridgewater tin from charity shop at the moment to tunnock bars in side all mine yummmm ! off now to knit and eat cake next blog will be visit to salcombe and my morning in prison all in one day ?? ahaa .

Sunday, 6 November 2011

love a good wedding

how nice a setting for a registry office
the happy couple

my mummy sister and i , i borrowed the cardigan from a friend and had no idea it moulted so much all over the car oops evertime i hugged someone i fluffed them up.dress from yumi

my sister mummy and charlotte my little gal
  I haven't been to a wedding for ages and when my sister said my nephew was getting married  i was so excited  but this was not a big ott normal wedding ,nope we had one months notice and the bride would be 8 months pregnant ahhh , They have been through lots to get where they are and so happy they are so young the sweet thing is my sister can remember the bride when she was small even thou they didn't really know her ,anyway week of the wedding and on Wednesday i get message not sure what will come first baby or wedding been in hospital etc but luckily it all settled down and we got to Saturday OK the weather was absolutely gorgeous couldn't ask for better really it was just a small wedding mainly friends and close family  the bride looked blooming really blooming her words were not quite the same it was a registry office so  quite a quick do and the sweetest moment was the best man crying ,  the reception was at in the officers mess at my brother in laws army barracks so we were well looked after the cake was yummy ! This was a few weeks ago just haven't had much spare time i wanted to blog about this as i remember my nephew being born and was quite emotional now seeing him get married and to be a dad , oh and it makes me feel so bloody old . here's a few pics of the day