Thursday, 28 July 2011

child free week

I'm  having  a very quiet week my daughter has gone on holiday to Tunisia with a friend and family i am sort of enjoying it but its so quiet  , but also I'm  ,calmer no arguments , have more money , less washing, , calmer oh i have already said that  , no really  i  am used to her being away as she goes away with  herstep mum alot but this is different its a friend abroad , i was doing all the usual neurotic mother things giving all things medical to take telling her to watch bag, money etc sun lotion .I guess most of all is trust and hope i have bought her up pretty sensible but will be having fun .

At the weekend we had a new shopping outlet open called kilver designer emporium its set in some beautiful gardens so was a lovely morning out saw loads i would have liked but bought a top from aubin and wills and a cup from emma bridgewater which was only there for the weekend shame ,  other shops are cabbages and roses ,toast pedlar  and isabella oliver  and more i have forgot plus popped into mulberry drooled over the bags ha ha  oh and as a designer there was security everywhere ended up getting told off for going in wrong door in garden he thought we were sneeking in without paying (we were just lost ) and then some snobby lady i over heard in posh voice oh whats upstairs oh emma bridgewater oh thats sooo boring !  how dare she tssk. the pics on here are the gardens which are lush  oh and my new mug

crochet update its getting better and love doing it when i get time and as seen on other blogs friends etc have no interest or get called granny etc  but really dont worry and love my crochet /knitting club they are a fun bunch one lady is hilarious were sat there and she is a busty lady and was telling us about there fabulous bras you can get for the bigger bust and then whips up her top and shows us was not expecting that the little wool shop i use has a craft day this saturday sadly im working they have allsorts going on knitting ,crochet,spinning and lots more they have these lovely embroidered banners out which they got in america  will try and get pic as they are gorgeous .

Monday, 18 July 2011

crochet is back on

I haven't crotchet for 2 weeks as my teach (that's what we call her) had changed me to right handed and really tried but could not do it couldn't make my class last week as had to work so have not touched i was slightly frustrated with it so put it away but now I'm back as a leftie yay!.I'm getting there slowly so expect my first TA DAH! this time next year ha ha actually by then it will be dundadadun dadaahhhhh ta dahhhh !.        Through cuckoo mentioning pinterest a while back i had a nosey at what it was a while back and just set mine up now haven't done a lot yet but loving the pictures time flies i try to only go on the computer at nights as can waste so much time like we all do on here going from one thing to another but do use my iphone alot for facebook ,twitter,ebay and now pinterest  ok that's why i don't need computer really in day time feels like confession time on here

Monday, 11 July 2011

silly names and new shops

I had to work until 7 today meaning i couldn't go to my crochet class (not happy) as cannot do it right handed so need to go back to left and feel i am getting nowhere so bit disheartened with it at the moment ,anyway i was reading country living at work when i saw my favourite place name now i have a thing for funny sounding places and this is the best nempnet thrubwell i say it out loud loads when go by the sign my bloke thinks I'm mad or any funny one a few of my favourites around here are friggle street and a rude one annally road (OK i don't think its how it looks but i cant help it )there is a whole article on place names so I'm not so odd there are many i have seen and cant remember please tell me any that make you chuckle or are just great to say

One little bit of exciting new for where i live is there is a textile mill where babycham was once made near the mulberry shop all owned by roger saul he is opening up a discount designer empirioum with brands such as cabbages and roses,made in heaven jeans, Emma bridgewater, toast, orla kiely and Fred perry and more and there is a grand opening sale in few weeks with up to 80% off i soo cant wait  i actually felt sick with ecitement when read it as totally no idea it was going there i do hope it will be as good as it sounds eeeek!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meet Herman

Remember the friendship cake I had well I cooked him last night not sure if he was alive or dead but he turned out ok j said he tasted ok bit dry but I didn't put enough fruit I don't think I haven't been brae enough to try it oops but this is what he looks like

Herman from Somerset

Monday, 4 July 2011

I soo want this

Quick pop into Bristol Sunday , had some Jane Norman vouchers to get rid of ,easier said then done first could not use them on sale goods and however much in vouchers had to spend in cash as well as they are in administration grr!. Ended up buying handbag for daughter as couldn't find Anything so she is happy , but what made my day a COOKER I so need a new one mine is awful old and cheap this was heaven as would love a range and this is a near as I can get for size etc,John and I agreed we both loved it small problem affording now but it will be mine , but as small token to cheer me up went to the cath kidston store on park street and bought craft bag for crochet in sale love it so much stuff in there it was heaven, crochet dilemma now the teacher has changed me to right handed so back to beginning for me not. Sure if this will work but trying

The cooker !!!!