Monday, 4 July 2011

I soo want this

Quick pop into Bristol Sunday , had some Jane Norman vouchers to get rid of ,easier said then done first could not use them on sale goods and however much in vouchers had to spend in cash as well as they are in administration grr!. Ended up buying handbag for daughter as couldn't find Anything so she is happy , but what made my day a COOKER I so need a new one mine is awful old and cheap this was heaven as would love a range and this is a near as I can get for size etc,John and I agreed we both loved it small problem affording now but it will be mine , but as small token to cheer me up went to the cath kidston store on park street and bought craft bag for crochet in sale love it so much stuff in there it was heaven, crochet dilemma now the teacher has changed me to right handed so back to beginning for me not. Sure if this will work but trying

The cooker !!!!


  1. Hiya Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words - sorry that you too, have lost your Dad :0(

    I have that cooker!! Well, the bigger (90cm) one it has a plate warmer/slow oven to the side and 5 rings on top. Mines green and best of all we got it off eBay for £150!! Do keep your eyes peeled as they do come up.

    It's the second one of that make we've had and it's a really nice cooker. I love that it looks like an Aga!! If you look back on my posts a couple of weeks you'll see pics of the whole kitchen.

    Have become a follower because you seem like my kinda girl!!

    S x

  2. I have that cooker! I paid £550 for it from Marks and Spencer, after saving up. I figured it was better value to buy one that I loved for that price than one that I would resent for a couple of hundred less.
    Quite envious of Sarah though, that's an absolute bargain!
    Helen x