Wednesday, 29 June 2011

oh i do like to be beside the seaside

Last weekend i went to work as normal on saturday when john my other half rings and says when i pick you up , you have 15 mins when you get in to pack as going away for the night ,gulp! 15 mins he was having a laugh oh no , no shower chucked stuff in bag gone ,we were going to paignton i love the british coast dont care where really just love it stayed in b&b very faulty towers i always think and very friendly so far , we had lovely walk along beach when got there and chips of course rude not to. On the sunday caught ferry into torquay which was lovely looked round the little shops had a cream tea and just enjoyed the sunshine and people watching they call it the english riveria and it felt great , the ferry back was choppy as unbelievably it was overcast the whole time in paignton whilst the rest of the country enjoyed heatwave we went to the only place it wasnt we drove down to totnes then home next time we are going to salcombe as told very nice cant wait , really you cant beat the british seaside love it , my pics won't upload will add later


  1. Hi love
    My photos wouldn't upload earlier either. Bon Jovi was Mon night by the way, not last night.
    How are we??? Felt said re your hamster post....that would have made me cry too.
    Salcombe is lush. Cuckoo has a house there so we went last November, and had a laugh.
    Well done on the crochet. I am an uber beginner and left handed too so struggle.
    Take care
    x x x

  2. Sounds lovely, how sweet of him to organise it as a surprise. I grew up in Devon and thought it was really boring when I was young, it's only when I go back now that I really appreciate how gorgeous it is down there. xx