Tuesday, 28 June 2011

crochet and a cake called herman

Have not blogged for ages have not had time , so here i am and going to show a little of my crochet ,its only a practice piece so the colours are a bit odd ,soon I'm going to start a blanket for my daughter as she wants me to crochet her one ,I've only been to 2 classes so not doing to bad as left handed that's my excuse anyway ha ! one of my problems is counting into each hole as I'm so carried away i do to many then have to undo or my teach does she is very patient as cack handed that's what they call me , please comment on what you see good or bad as all helps . the other thing that i have had this week is a friendship cake called Herman he is a sour dough cake who i have to stir so many days when he bubbles and feed him with the ingredients off the recipe that came with him but i think as we went away the weekend he may have died I'm going to continue and will see in 3-4 days time the outcome I'm meant to pass some on ,I'm rubbish at keeping things alive i killed my orchid which was a present within weeks i looked after a hamster years ago went round to feed it and as there flat was so cold he had froze to death i felt so awful i cried loads did find out few weeks later i was pregnant so hormones and dying hamster didn't go well.
PS trying to put photos separated but not sure how  they automatically go up the top together ??


  1. The crochet looks pretty good to me but I am only a beginner too! I can remember my mum doing those cakes with her friends when I was a little girl - it's a sweet idea but a bit of a nuisance to have to keep feeding it I expect. Hopefully it will be worth the effort! xx

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh no on the hamster front, I once froze my goldfish to death - if that makes you feel better?
    Liking your post on Zumba, I have been considering giving it a go for a while (everyone seems to be doing it!)
    Might get rid of the tummy I've been nicely left with since having our little girl...
    Nice to meet you,
    Nelly xxx

  3. Wow Sarah, your crochet is fantastic, shame we can't meet up tomorrow but let's fix a date for our get together with Cuckoo x x x x

  4. That crochet is excellent! Well done, you're doing really well after just two lessons. Just wait til you start lusting after yarn in yarn stores... It's a slippery slope and you'll wonder what on earth has happened to you! Ha! I love it thought.

    That cake looks a faff to have to keep feeding it (although did laugh that you've killed a cake, ha ha!). So then you pass the cake on - when does it actually get baked? Have never heard of that before.

    Oh, and yes, Westies don't moult (is that the right spelling? Looks odd) too much. We do get dog hairs around but nothing like some shorter haired dogs - ours is really sweet, you'd love a Westie I'm sure.