Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mid week round up

I'm having one of those weeks where I'm rushing Around as going away the weekend and I start to panic ! Getting the dog sorted for kennels i hate saying goodbye to him , he always seems happy but i get the guilt trip .Daughter will be at her dads revising hopefully ?? Mm will see and house has to be clean don't ask why but love it clean and tidy for when come back then clean again ?? Packing I take way way to much ( i pack for all weather and situations and I always say just in case if questioned why ) This is all for 2 nights in lincoln where I will be in a field watching tug of war will post about this later plus the d has had physio,dentist and injection this week so today I had a pedicure which was lovely pic not that great but looks and feels lovely . Sorry it's a ramble first proper blog oh almost forgot went to my
First crochet class yes i was youngest there but I can do do a treble oh yes .

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  1. I think I may need to join a crochet class, I need all the help I can get!
    Thanks for the follow, it's lovely to meet you!

    B xxx

  2. Check out my crochet sweetie, it's not a bad attempt if I say so myself, cuckoo taught me half treble today, it's very exciting x x

  3. hi lovely to meet you and for the follow and yes crochet class is good as i find follwing the books hard so works for me and bee well done you did well looks good to me x