Friday, 9 September 2011

long time no blog

 the I'm going picture followed by her first school pics we moved shortly after starting school hence the different uniforms and the grimacing last year at school sob sob
I  haven't blogged for a while i have been reading but computers have been playing up so haven't had the patience with them , its been a funny summer holiday after reading what a lot of you with small children do its completely changed for me i have had 3 teenagers off  and on and give me small kids any day oh my how hard work my daughter is gorgeous and lovely but she has this horrible teenager presence about her always late, back chats and that's the mild part i borrowed this book from the library called 3 kids 2 parents 1 hell of a bumpy road   and maybe slightly worse then mine but i am reading it agreeing to lots she is anonymous and wrote this section in the guardian and put them into a book. so if you want to see how your children will grow up read it as honestly there are parts in it which is mine to t. Now the  sad part is she has now gone back to school for the last time its her final year i tried to get a pic wasn't really up for it so its a hurry up right I'm going with a big flounce I'm goinggggg  byeee  also girls are worse then boys bitching really untidy sometimes her room looks like she has been burgled takes my clothes makeup etc an soo embarrassing if i speak to her friends especially the boys for example couple years ago she asked whats a milf i ask her why? because the boys says you are one arghhhh ! ,she never wants days out with us we were in Daventry last week for tug of war i invite her when say she has to be up early uuhhh noo  thanks I'm told they grow out of this in about 3 years time ahhhhhhhh!  Sorry about this post but really had to let it out and i do love her loads and is still my baby but don't say i haven't warned you .