Monday, 11 July 2011

silly names and new shops

I had to work until 7 today meaning i couldn't go to my crochet class (not happy) as cannot do it right handed so need to go back to left and feel i am getting nowhere so bit disheartened with it at the moment ,anyway i was reading country living at work when i saw my favourite place name now i have a thing for funny sounding places and this is the best nempnet thrubwell i say it out loud loads when go by the sign my bloke thinks I'm mad or any funny one a few of my favourites around here are friggle street and a rude one annally road (OK i don't think its how it looks but i cant help it )there is a whole article on place names so I'm not so odd there are many i have seen and cant remember please tell me any that make you chuckle or are just great to say

One little bit of exciting new for where i live is there is a textile mill where babycham was once made near the mulberry shop all owned by roger saul he is opening up a discount designer empirioum with brands such as cabbages and roses,made in heaven jeans, Emma bridgewater, toast, orla kiely and Fred perry and more and there is a grand opening sale in few weeks with up to 80% off i soo cant wait  i actually felt sick with ecitement when read it as totally no idea it was going there i do hope it will be as good as it sounds eeeek!!!!!


  1. Oooh Friggle Street! Do you watched Corrie? The chap who plays Maria's bloke Chris...he used to live in Friggle Street. Will Thorp. That's who I mean.
    Friggle Street used to remind me of Fraggle Rock and I always chuckle when driving past.
    I am struggling with crochet too. Am left handed but learning right handed.
    Oh and I have no idea what the hell all this "Reply Blogger" thing is either.....
    Hope all well love
    PS Started zumba today. God I am hooked. And knackered!!!!
    x x

  2. I wish i could find a crochet class near where i live. I can knit ok and follow a knitting pattern but can only do granny square crochet and would love to be able to follow a pattern. Melanie x

  3. Ha! There is a road in a town near us called Bell End. Always makes me snigger.

    Another place near us is called Potato Hall which I think sounds sweet. I imagine Mr and Mrs Potato Head living there.

    Nicki xx