Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Goodbye January

I haven't blogged for ages i seem to start all my blogs with that well hopefully soon i will blog more, the last six weeks have been blahh really,first my mum broke her wrist and smashed it up pretty bad and had to have plate and pins put in so spent run up to christmas in hospital and staying with me operations and all that not easy when you use a stick makes life very hard also the accident shouldn't of happened if the car park was not blocked off long story which gets very PC, good news is she is getting better slowly . I have been up and down but hopefully February will be better and will have better news to share , also i haven't knitted for over a month until this Monday just gone still plodding on with the baby cardi which now no longer fits the baby and has now turned into a family joke , but just two arms to go and will be sewing up yay! i do read all your blogs on my phone so cant always comment , message to cuckoo and busy bee i see your meeting up in shepton tomorrow if the wincanton races are not cancelled and i don't have to work i don't want to interrupt your catch up but would be really nice to meet you somewhere for half hour to say hi maybe ? also to say there is a new sewing cafe place opened up in the town two shops down from the natwest bank xx


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the comment :)
    I do read Carries blog, I think it is such a pretty one and she has great style.
    Hope you continue to blog in February!
    xx gem

  2. OMG I've only just seen this! My blogger dashboard didn't show me you'd posted. We should make definite plans to catch up. When is good for you?

    Hope your lovely Mum is ok. I remember her cooking away in the kitchen in Milborne. Gosh, that's over 20 years ago now!!!