Monday, 13 February 2012

Knitting and memories

Since I have started knitting now doing the sleeves of my first project has made me think about when I first tried knitting as a little girl .My mum is a big knitter always remember her knitting only evenings back them thou and Sunday mornings was always baking morning which I loved licking the spoon still do or when my sister was there spoon each and fight for the mixture , back to the knitting mum would be watching the tv and click clacking away and I use to watch the speed and loved the noise I would sit with just needles tapping then the same way pretending , I knitted a scarf and booties with a lot of help but mum knitted mountains of items for all her children and grandchildren and now great grandchildren all my Sindy and dolls clothes bless since her accident she has been put on hold and is soon going to Start again she can't wait thou se won't knit dark colours now as her eyes hurt doing it she says here are some of the toys she knitted my daughter they are on the bed at her house we like to keep them there So we can see them as space etc they would be packed away here .

He did have proper Wellies once not sure where they are ?


  1. I tried knitting as a kid and it was a disaster!
    Luckily, my crochet is better!

  2. Have I missed the bit where you said you are having a baby??????!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!
    x x x x x x x