Tuesday, 15 November 2011

lets eat cake oh and a bit of knitting

                                                knitting the top one was lazy just doing one colour
                                                           fruit soaking in brandy smells lush hate the taste
                                                   tea and cake new pot ,tin and cup
I am quite pleased with my knitting at the moment i am knitting a cardigan for my soon to be born great nephew think that's correct ? i have done the sides and just starting the back its a slow progress but find it a lot  easier then crochet , my casting on is a bit tight need to loosen up the needles squeak not good have dropped a few stitches etc but with the help of teach at knitting club i am getting there have put a little pic of it so far, Tomorrow i am making my Xmas cake nigella recipe i don't like it other half loves it its a joint effort i make the cake we both ice it last two years didn't go quite right year one we used the wrong icing you try making snow peaks with normal icing oops last year got the royal icing but told john 750g of water not 75g yep quick run to tesco and start again this year hoping all goes OK will post pic if it does , talking of cake had to post pic of the cake my daughter made part of her gcse taste lush perfect with a cup of tea in my new cup which is so me, the other pic shows my new  coffee pot (using it as tea pot ) bought cup and pot at kilver court outlet and my other purchase Emma Bridgewater tin from charity shop at the moment to tunnock bars in side all mine yummmm ! off now to knit and eat cake next blog will be visit to salcombe and my morning in prison all in one day ?? ahaa .


  1. Hi love. Interesting that you find knitting easier than crochet....in what way? I have never tried it as find crochet has taken me a while to master.
    LOVE your now stuff and that cake looks lush.
    Bet you can't wait for the baby to arrive! x x

  2. Knitting is driving me crackers! Well done you for grasping it so well. What a super star!

    Cake looks good. Go Charlotte!


  3. Yum that cake looks delich. I so agree with you that knitting is so much easier than crochet.

    Melanie x