Sunday, 6 November 2011

love a good wedding

how nice a setting for a registry office
the happy couple

my mummy sister and i , i borrowed the cardigan from a friend and had no idea it moulted so much all over the car oops evertime i hugged someone i fluffed them up.dress from yumi

my sister mummy and charlotte my little gal
  I haven't been to a wedding for ages and when my sister said my nephew was getting married  i was so excited  but this was not a big ott normal wedding ,nope we had one months notice and the bride would be 8 months pregnant ahhh , They have been through lots to get where they are and so happy they are so young the sweet thing is my sister can remember the bride when she was small even thou they didn't really know her ,anyway week of the wedding and on Wednesday i get message not sure what will come first baby or wedding been in hospital etc but luckily it all settled down and we got to Saturday OK the weather was absolutely gorgeous couldn't ask for better really it was just a small wedding mainly friends and close family  the bride looked blooming really blooming her words were not quite the same it was a registry office so  quite a quick do and the sweetest moment was the best man crying ,  the reception was at in the officers mess at my brother in laws army barracks so we were well looked after the cake was yummy ! This was a few weeks ago just haven't had much spare time i wanted to blog about this as i remember my nephew being born and was quite emotional now seeing him get married and to be a dad , oh and it makes me feel so bloody old . here's a few pics of the day

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