Friday, 14 October 2011


                                      proudly with there medals
                                           charlotte and john
                                                Dr Foxs tearoom
                                                    a snowy scene on the hottest day in october


Haven't blogged properly all been on much so just getting back into it have looked at some on phone and that's all , We went away a few weeks ago for my boyfriends European tug of war championships , I have mentioned this before and i am pretty proud of him as he representing England in a sport ,OK its not your common sport but still representing they did try to get it back in the Olympics which would have been pretty big .For the championships we did make all the local  TV news and lovely pic in the western daily press local biggish paper and we came home with  a silver  medal yay  all the dieting ,training is finished until  Feb and will all start again then  for now i am feeding him up. which moves me swiftly on to our first cream tea in nearby seaside town Weston-super -mare visiting family we stopped in Dr Fox's tea room delicious i am sure some one on here has mentioned it but not sure anyway if you go to Weston go there for one lovely setting old building been done up beautifully the only problem was as it was the hot weekend we were inside and after my tea i was having a hot sweat  from the tea and the heat not very glam at all . will leave you with a few pics  , 

I almost forgot  we were staying in and the championships were held in butlins  ,which was suitable for the event to be held in size wise but not really my sort of place at all (actually pretty awful) thats why the fair ride pics which i took wouldnt catch me up there charlotte made john go on and he hates heights 

the snowy picture is the hot sunday beginning of october a place called rookery manor there was some filming done there a few weeks back and it was done up so unreal, dressed all sunmmery leaving the beach and then driving by that  actually felt chilly just looking at it .

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