Saturday, 8 October 2011

Quiet day at work

I haven't blogged for a while , haven't had time so sat at work now (it's raining ) so no golfers thought would do a quick blog I will blog about my time away soon but for now it's about a book i have just started its called the slap I read a brief review on it and saw it in charity shop so picked it up I'm quite inpatient and want to know all straight away , so has any one read it and is worth the 400 or so pages I do hope so , my crochet is on hold as the lady who teaches me is very poorly so won't be doing it ,one of the others has took over but as all knitters and were changing things. Slightly I'm knitting now practiced last week and start first project Monday. Cant wait will post pics as I go enjoying the clickity clack of kneedles .

Tomorrow going to do bit more Xmas shopping and look for a dress to wear to wedding love shopping buy being short not easy finding things to fit so will probably drive my self and the other half mad . That's all for now better do some work.

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