Monday, 16 May 2011

my first blog

my first blog where do i start!  why am i doing this ? sort of diary and i enjoy reading different blogs so maybe someone out there will enjoy mine  .my blog will be about my family what i enjoy ,guilty pleasures and stuff in general the blogs i read are usually about fashion love vintage ,bargains love ebay ,charity shops vintage shops and throw in a bit of vintage home and modern and  ikea random i know ,what i enjoy doing running ,zumba, reading, cafes and people watching all these things and more i will blog about


  1. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your gorgeous message on my blog.
    Do you know Pearl Lowe lives in Frome, Somerset?!
    What is Zumba like? Am thinking of joining. Is it any good?
    How are you getting on with crochet and how do you know the lovely Cuckoo?
    x x

  2. hi again, yes i did know she lives or lived in frome think she is now near glastonbury i live inbewteen the two and have seen her twice once near the chapel in bruton( nice eating place) and also in frome at an auction stood infront of her so cool !,zumba is great fun hilarious as have my cordination is terrible but great workout dancing try it ,crochet not good going to class tomorrow night so will post progress soon and cuckoo met at school when she moved to same school we were good friends for a few years drifted apart as you do but contacted again through fb and hope to catch up one day as not far away xx oh and thank you for replying x

  3. Have to try zumba now!
    Take care and enjoy writing your blog. I am totally addicted now
    x x x x x x x